New Verison Infinity Looper Application

New Verison Infinity Looper Application

MIDI Sync firmware update beta will be posted shortly (hopefully 4/7/2014)… check back soon.

obviously, this firmware update is taking way longer than anticipated. we apologize.

for now, feel free to download these alternate firmware versions:

vari-speed beta code we showed at NAMM. note: this vari-speed build does not address the minimum loop time issue, which will be eliminated with the upcoming looper update.

This verispeed BETA is really just a test code. The left button of the remote cuts the sample rate in ½ (24kHz) and the right button doubles the sample rate (96KhZ). Hitting both buttons defaults to the standard 48kHz sample rate). Expression pedal changes sample rate continuously across the full range.

By the end of this month, we will have the final firmware that lets everything happen at once. For now, there is no way to combine all these new functions until my engineer delivers the final code, which will offer both rock solid MIDI sync AS WELL AS varispeed and the ability to track tempo and time signature changes in the MIDI clock. It will also have stutter start, 10MS minimum loop time and the ability to change the sample rate by any chosen musical interval.

10ms minimum loop time code 

and here is a snapshot of the new infinity looper application:
















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