Evan’s Echolution Evolution

Evan’s Echolution Evolution

evan marien

It hasn’t happened yet—but if anyone were ever to ask me who I felt best represented a “modern bass player” in 2014, I’d pick Brooklyn-based Evan Marien. Evan is a great example for anyone who lives and works in this new world of the professional musician. In this place, the “music industry” is no longer relevant; musicians have grown up exposed to music from every era and style and geographic provenance; technical, theoretical and harmonic proficiency are prerequisites; and technology is a friendly ally in every musical endeavour. Personally, I’ve spent too much time over the last decade or so commiserating with fellow Gen X musicians—complaining, lamenting, struggling to readjust the unrealistic expectations we developed as aspiring teenagers in the heady 1980s. But the players coming up now, as it turns out, are holding several face cards. They aren’t distracted by knowledge of how the “industry” used to work. Technology, including the internet and social media, is like part of their anatomy; it’s instinctive. They have an innate understanding of social media, and use whatever online resources are available to them, especially YouTube. They learn how to produce their own records and make their own videos (in Evan’s case, along with multi-talented videographer/musician Simon Yu), and promote them. They are multitalented and independent in ways previously unimagined.

That pretty much describes Evan. He’s a Berklee-educated bassist with ferocious chops and smooth, even tone. His playing is melodic and inventive, somehow both familiar and fresh-sounding. He uses Ableton Live and other software to create full productions at home, and makes the most of Pigtronix effects—not just as an afterthought, but a powerful sonic ally. He’s done videos for us that beautifully showcase the Infinity Looper, all three bass pedals (Philosopher Bass Compressor, Bass Fat Drive and Bass Envelope Phaser), and now, the Echolution 2.

Enjoy this video first (“I Can’t Complain”), and then click on the Soundcloud file below to hear the bass (and Echolution 2) isolated. You’ll be amazed at how much the E2 is responsible for the overall sound of the track!
“The Echolution 2 played a big part in how I composed the bass around this tune,” says Evan. “What you hear in this video is the Pong and Halo function, along with the Tape and Sweep Filters. It’s such a unique and killer delay pedal.”
Learn more about this great young artist at

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