Steve Hunter’s Manhattan Blues

Steve Hunter’s Manhattan Blues

I’m guessing the majority of our blog post readers are guitarists. Right? That would make this an excellent place to gush about the new album by guitar legend Steve Hunter: The Manhattan Blues Project. To refresh your memory, Steve created rock guitar history on classic albums by Alice Cooper and Lou Reed, and has also recorded with Mitch Ryder, Crowbar, Jack Bruce, Aerosmith, Dr. John, Peter Gabriel, David Lee Roth, Julian Lennon and others. The new album is centered around Steve’s sweet, singing guitar tone, but also features contributions by Joe Satriani, Michael Lee Firkins, Marty Friedman, Joe Perry, Tommy Henriksen, Phil Aaberg and Johnny Depp (!). There’s also a lovely composition by Jason Becker.

There’s not much straight-up blues on the record, but everything Steve plays has a bluesy flavor to it. The bluesiest track here (“The Brooklyn shuffle”) includes a great solo by fellow Pigtronix user Joe Perry! Peter Gabriel’s first solo single, Solsbury Hill, featured a classic guitar figure performed by Steve. He recreates the tune here in instrumental form 36 years later. Incidentally, Pigtronix artist Tony Levin also played on both versions! Steve’s tone is unbelievable, and his playing is always tasty. Tuning his guitar down gives him extra slack to do beautiful bending licks with extra ease, adding yet more expressiveness to his playing. If you don’t know much of Steve’s playing and you’re a David Gilmour fan, this will be right up your alley.

Steve is a great Pigtronix supporter. “Pigtronix pedals are pretty much like no other on the market,” he says. “They always offer something unique, quirky and fun but at the same time very musical and usable. It’s always a blast plugging one in and twisting the knobs. It’s like opening Pandora’s box and all these groovy things come out. And I find myself waiting and anticipating the next new pedal. There will always be at least one Pigtronix pedal in my pedalboard!” Pigtronix pedals were used extensively for the recording of the Manhattan Blues Project, and Steve is a fan of the Disnortion, Echolution, Envelope Phaser, Philosopher King, Philosopher’s Rock, Polysaturator and Tremvelope.

Check out Steve working on the album in this video, and dig the Pigtronix pig in the center of the frame!

And hear him show off the Quantum, Polysaturator, Echolution, Aria, Philosopher King, Fat Drive and Philosopher’s Rock in these killing demos!

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