Firmware variations

Firmware variations

Hi everyone, we’re cranking away on another firmware update, but in the meantime I though it would be cool to make a few alternate versions available.

So here they are:
This one turns x6 sync mode into x16. Keep in mind you can always close early to change the sync value, so x16 is very useful:
This one is the custom firmware we did for Phil Keaggy.

1) RESET Feature

REVERSE switch has been repurposed to do the following:
When RESET is triggered and a loop is playing, the loop is instantly STOPPED (regardless of FULL / TRAIL / FADE), ERASED and made ready to record base layer once again.
RESET applies only to the armed loop.
The loop that has just been reset remains armed.

2) Default settings
On power up, preset “0” will default to SERIES mode with SYNC turned off and FULL active. INPUT SPLIT is off. STOP mode set to ALL

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