Queensryche Releases Self-Titled New Album 6.25.2013

Queensryche Releases Self-Titled New Album 6.25.2013

I’ve been a fan of Queensryche for so long, I don’t remember not being a fan. One of the first concerts I saw was Queensryche on the Operation Mindcrime tour opening for Metallica supporting “And Justice For All”.  It was a pretty big deal.

In 1991 Queensryche headlined the “Empire” tour and for those of you that were there, it was unforgettable. They played Operation Mindcrime in its entirety, with a monster stage, and in front of two screens. It was a big production, and one of the greatest shows I have ever witnessed.The Promised Land tour was a close second…

It is an honor to work with Guitarist Michael Wilton. The new album lives up to its lineage, with new front man Todd La Torre.

Back to basics for Queensryche, great solo’s, bottom end and most of all, synergy.  This is a must have for anyone.

Michael Wilton said “Thank you!!!. When you get the CD every solo was done with the FAT Drive pedal or the Class A Boost. The crazy noise at the end of Redemption is your Echolution pedal.”


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