Polkadot Cadaver “Last Call In Jonestown” New Album Out Now!

Polkadot Cadaver “Last Call In Jonestown” New Album Out Now!

If you haven’t heard of the band Polkadot Cadaver, it’s time that you did.

A few years ago I was driving home in the ┬ápouring rain on Long Island. I scrubbed through my XM channels to Liquid Metal and was introduced to PC for the first time. The track that I heard was a song called “Sea Grave” off the first album “Sex Offender”.

This song and the band intrigued me.. Great riffs, hooks, guitar and vox. The rain came down, and I could hardly see out the windshield. It was obviously divine intervention right? I met with the guys in NYC on the first leg of the tour, and showed them the Piggy ways. Guitarist Jasan Stepp and Vocalist Todd Smith are (in my opinion) the most under rated duo in metal today.

Jasan has so many riffs, and adds in great textures that you need to listen in the phones to really appreciate. Todd can lay down some heavy screams, but can really sing as well. The dude has pipes.

If PC isn’t enough for you, they also play in other projects. Knives Out! which was one of my favorite heavy albums of 2012 and El Creepo.


Last Call In Jonestown picks up where the first album left off. The opening & title track is a beast..

Jasan said “You’ll be pleased with this record…. pigtronix all over it:)”

Backstage with Polkadot Cadaver

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