High On Fire Spitting Fire Live, Vol 1 & 2

High On Fire Spitting Fire Live, Vol 1 & 2

High on Fire has just released the bands first ever live albums. These shows were recorded live in NYC and in Brooklyn on Dec 1, 2012.

I had received a phone call from bassist Jeff Matz the day of the Williamsburg Brooklyn show asking if I knew of a local repair shop. Apparently Matt Pikes main amp had suffered road rage and needed some love. I suggested they borrow my own personal Bogner Uberschall for the recording.

Matt Was pleased with his tone that evening, and I was honored that my amp “Mr. Uberschall” ┬ámade it to the live album. I was bummed there was no credits on the albums, but hey I don’t do this stuff for the money, power, glory or fame yo.

This blistering two cd set is a must have for any High On Fire fan, or anyone looking for a hearty, healthy kick in the teeth.

Highlight for me is Fertile Green, it’s my favorite track. I mean I wish I could have written the riffs post solo. It’s pretty savage. Snakes of the Divine is also crushing.

Available on Itunes, Vinyl and everywhere else.


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