Gear Talk Expo 2013

Gear Talk Expo 2013

Saturday May 11, 2013. 11-8 pm

What began as a small group of friends debating guitar gear on Facebook has grown to a community of thousands, many of whom will gather in Atlanta on May 11 for the Gear Talk Expo 2013.


The second annual Gear Talk Expo will bring together builders, dealers, and musicians to buy, sell, and trade their gear. This year, expanding from it’s roots as a get together for guitarists and bassists, GTE2013 is teaming up with ATL Drum Collective, for a larger and more diverse show than last year.

Gear Talk was initially founded online by Atlanta guitarist Lance Seymour, who created Facebook groups where friends could geek out about the tools of their trade. Word quickly spread through the social network, and the Gear Talk community has grown to over 7,000 active members and more than 40 subgroups covering specialties like Gear Talk Praise & Worship, Gear Talk Pro, Gear Talk: Marketplace and dozens of regional groups to help connect nearby musicians.

Unlike other online forums where members can hide behind a screen name, Gear Talk members use their real identities on Facebook. As a result, musicians from all over the country have connected and formed what is the heart of Gear Talk’s success–relationships. The Expo has become an opportunity to bring the group together offline and share their passion for music and gear.The inaugural Expo in 2012 began in talks of a get-together for Gear Talk members in Atlanta could bring their gear to show one another, but the idea snowballed from there. Hosted at the Avatar Events Group, where this year’s expo will also be held, was the perfect venue for a bunch of guitarists to crank their amps, check out wares brought by vendors from around the country, and just hang out. The success of the first expo left many excited for a repeat, and Gear Talk Expo 2013 will be bigger and better than before.Avatar Events Group
503 Amsterdam Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306

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